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Acclaim promises new titles

The publisher's E3 line-up will include a mix of new and previously announced titles.

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Acclaim is promising to make a series of new product announcements during E3 this week, and plans to show the titles off behind closed doors to various sections of the media. Along with these new titles, the publisher will also be showing off various titles previously announced but never-before-seen in public, including racing title Juiced and 100 Bullets, an action title based on the DC Comics series, which we first caught wind off when SCEA announced various PS2 titles recently. It turns out that 100 Bullets will also appear on Xbox.

Other titles on the publisher's stand include this year's Legends of Wrestling title, although we fancy that PS2 and Xbox title LOW: Showdown will have to go some way to impress the ranks of wrestling lovers in attendance, who will doubtless be pre-occupied with THQ's line-up of WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw, Wrestlemania 21 and Day of Reckoning titles.

Another game we don't know too much about is The Red Star, which is a sort of character-driven fighting/shoot-'em-up hybrid that tells the tale of an alternative Russia where its army The Red Fleet wields "massive technology and futuristic weapons". According to Acclaim, it's been likened to a cross between Final Fight-style brawling and Contra-style action, which hopefully means it's a delicate mixture of brutal gameplay styles and not simply a short-lived combination of familiar gaming ideas. We'll see. The game has already been hyped up quite heavily by those who have seen it in action, so it could well be this year's "Alias" for the oft-derided publisher.

Acclaim's confirmed list of E3 titles:

  • 100 Bullets (PS2, Xbox)
  • All-Star Baseball 2005 (PS2, Xbox)
  • Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers (PS2, Xbox)
  • Legends of Wrestling: Showdown (PS2, Xbox)
  • Juiced (PS2, Xbox, PC)
  • The Red Star (PS2, Xbox)
  • World Championship Rugby (PS2, Xbox, PC)

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