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Bizarre 'daft' not to do PGR4

So expect one, one day.

Unsurprisingly given the brilliance of the first three Project Gotham Racing games (and MSR on the Dreamcast, forgetto-men), developer Bizarre Creations says it'd be "daft not to do another one".

Speaking during a PGR100 online event which saw them face off against loads of people on Xbox Live last Wednesday (when your correspondent was stricken with flu, depressingly), Gareth Williams and Ben Ward told the official Xbox 360 mag website that they've already been doing some fiddling around to see what's possible above and beyond PGR3's achievements, with Ward claiming "things are looking good".

"I think we'll be able to push the graphics a lot harder," Williams told OXM, which might have made it into the first 360 game given enough time, "but the producer was telling us that we couldn't re-write the whole code two weeks before launch!" Microsoft probably wouldn't have liked it either, so good work producer-man. You may live for a bit.

For more on Microsoft's ongoing PGR100 events, hit the official site with your eyes.