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Caddy pack for PGR3

Free to you sir.

Good news for PGR3 fans: Bizarre and Microsoft have released some new free content. Yep that's "free" and not "two quid for some wheels" or something.

It's called the Cadillac V-Series Collection, and it's out on Live Marketplace now. In it you get three Cadillac V-Series cars, all boasting over 400 BHP - they are the CTS-V, the XLR-V and the STS-V.

What's more, Microsoft says that any Live competitor who places within the top 100 on the Nurburgring F1 race-track in a Caddy will get an exclusive gamer picture for their trouble.

Also, and I quote (because I've read the sentence seventeen times and the logic still can't penetrate my hangover): "PGR3 will continue to reward the top players sporting their new Cadillac Elite status by enabling future gamers to earn the gamer picture only by breaking one of the top 100 scores for that car's specific leaderboard."

The Caddy pack follows the recent release of the Speed Pack, which had loads of cars and Achievements and the like in it in a mixture of premium and free options.

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