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Unreal II XMP demo

Try before you, er, download.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

On Friday, Atari announced plans to release a spruced up version of last February's Unreal II: The Awakening, complete with long-awaited multiplayer component - dubbed XMP. Brains abound at Atari though, because they've realised that multiplayer components don't really strap too well to critically derided FPS games in retrospect. As a result, not only will XMP be released for free to existing Unreal II owners, but you can already download a standalone, playable demo here (148.68MB), giving you the chance to see how it stacks up with very little obligation.

The Xbox version of Unreal II, announced earlier this year, is also expected to ship with XMP, but unfortunately the game has slipped from its original December 5th release date to the more comfortable climes of February 6th.

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