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Metal Slug 3 PS2 and Xbox trailers

2D is the new... Well, it's quite old. But Metal Slug never suffered for it. See how the series is getting on with this pair of trailers on Eurofiles.

"3D? Pah! It's for tourists!" If that's the sort of thing you occasionally find yourself saying, then you're clearly psychotically deranged and need to get the hell out of our sight before we do something vicious involving our S.T.A.L.K.E.R switchblade.

If, on the other hand, you're partial to the odd snifter of 2D at Christmas, then we have a treat for you. As you may know, Ignition Entertainment is gearing up to publish SNK Playmore's PS2 and Xbox title Metal Slug 3 next month, and to celebrate - and because we asked nicely and they said yes - we have a couple of trailers of the game up on Eurofiles today. One for each platform.

You can get hold of the PS2 one here (20MB), and the Xbox version here (24MB), or you could just download both since they're both full of lots of interestingly violent Metal Sluggery.

And if you like that, you'll be pleased to hear we'll have more on Metal Slug 3 in the run-up to release.

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