Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3

Super slug-fest.

I hadn't noticed how much Xbox Live Arcade was populated by short, uneventful, casual games. True enough, that's a significant part of its charm and an aspect that broadens the 360's horizons in a way that would be difficult to achieve with commercial, off-the-shelf releases. But now Metal Slug 3's arrived we've found the sturdy middle ground 'twixt hard and fast gameplay and involved console devotion.

Metal Slug 3 is neither a short nor a complex game, but a massively detailed epic in the classic arcade style - a vision of what the coin-op's silver age could have looked like had it come along ten years later. The fourth game in SNK's much-lauded series (following on from 1, 2 and X), it was a bold move from the start when the developers pushed ahead into the new millennium with a 2D hand-drawn platform shooter. Fortunately for SNK, the sheer weight of high-octane passion that permeates every jagged pixel of this NeoGeo classic ensured it stood proud amidst the sea of 3D games it was born into.

And this hasn't changed - Metal Slug 3 once again gets the dust blown off its noble cartoon graphics and emerges as an unforeseen champion of another gaming realm. This time it's reminded us that a Live Arcade game doesn't have to be a two-minute retro-revival; it can be a lengthy, wonderfully gruelling adventure of non-stop violence and mature, yet cartoony circus of balletic destruction.

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Metal Slug 3 on XBLA

Snails rue cumbersome shell.

Welcome yourself back to work today by downloading Metal Slug 3 from Xbox Live Arcade - as said in a Somerfield-advert-like way.

Metal Slug Collection for PSP

Six games on just one UMD.

It's been ten years since 2D shooter Metal Slug appeared in the arcades, and to celebrate SNK is set to release a new compilation for the PSP.

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3

Aliens, lasers, monkeys and a camel with a machine gun. If it was longer, we'd be settling down together and planning a family.

Version Reviewed

Xbox (also available on PS2)


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