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Gun Metal reborn on the PC

Zoo picks up publishing rights.

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There's a good chance that many of you will have no idea about Rage's Gun Metal, released last year to critical ambivalence and then largely ignored, but little old Zoo Digital aims to change that by bringing the game to the PC this month. That way, beige box owners can embrace the shoot 'em up that "captured the imagination of so many Xbox gamers" (15,000 as far as we know) and fight for the people of Helios.

A bit like the thoroughly good Battle Engine Aquila, Gun Metal sticks you in the cockpit of a prototype trasnformy exoskeleton (called the 'Havoc suit' in this case), which can switch between jet fighter and giant robot modes at the touch of a button. The press release goes on to describe the settings as "hyper-realistic", but we won't hold anything against it - in essence what you do is fly around the planet Helios (a former Earth colony) protecting the indigenous peoples from invading Earthling tossers over the course of 14 levels.

Gun Metal is due out on September 19th, which is just two weeks away! If only other such things were so close...

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