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Dynasty Tactics 2 in November

Yes, we were sent that fact sheet too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

KOEI has issued a Dynasty Tactics 2 fact sheet, which points out that the PS2 game will be released in Europe towards the end of November (we'd bet on the 28th). DT2 continues the Dynasty series' pattern of rampant incest, pillaging its siblings and cousins for characters and settings, all set to KOEI's latest slant on the ubiquitous Three Kingdoms saga.

Assuming the role of a general, players will apparently seek to unite the three warring states by, well, warring. Fans of the original will be pleased to hear that Lu Bu and others return, and that there are three times as many tactical manoeuvres and a new "Sequenced Strike System". Not much info on that, but we'll bring you anything we find out.

Although we didn't actually review it ourselves due to time constraints (and the fact that few of us are big fans of this type of strategy game), the original Dynasty Tactics was held in moderately high regard by many, and if we can match it to an enthusiastic reviewer, we'll let you know what we think come the end of November.

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