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EA officially unveils Pacific Assault

"Look!" "Yes, we know!" "No you don't!" "Do too!"

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EA has press released Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault six months after word first got out about it. Developed by EA LA and due out in winter 2004, Pacific Assault stars US Marine Tom Conlin as the Allies try to drive the Japanese from the Pacific [so they'll be porting this to Xbox then? -Ed] between 1941 and 1944. During the course of the game, Tom will survive the attack on Pearl Harbor (which is also to be immortalised in EA's Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on PS2), before leading the assault on Guadalcanal and charging up the beaches of Tarawa for the climactic battle.

As you'd expect, this one will be like the others but with new weapons, enemies, storyline and 32-player online modes with American, Japanese, British and other forces to choose from. EA also continues to work closely with expert sources to guarantee its historical accuracy, including the colourful Captain Dale Dye, who served as military advisor for previous MOH titles. However, EA says that unlike previous games, Pacific Assault will debut "a new 3D technology built specifically for Medal of Honor." It'll certainly be interesting to see what this looks like up close - but in the meantime, you'll have to make do with these screenshots.

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