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Crysis delay explained

CEO offers progress report.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has issued a statement on the developer's behalf explaining why hotly tipped PC first-person shooter Crysis has been delayed.

With the game reportedly due out in publisher EA's next financial year - the 12 months beginning April 2007 - Yerli admits that it will "ship a little later than planned".

"I want to assure everyone that Crytek are working as hard as we possibly can to deliver this game to our fans and consumers in the earliest timeframe that meets our high quality threshold," Yerli explains.

"Taking the extra time in the studio is the right decision because it helps us be sure that we can bring you the experience you expect from this new game."

Yerli also said that the team is trying to get the game working on "the widest variety of PC configs, starting from entry-level PC's up to the hard-core game rigs," which is good news for anybody who's taken a look at recent trailers and felt like sobbing.

"Multiplayer is also an area of big focus for us right now, and we listened very hard to our fans.

"This includes the post-launch modding and community plans. Crysis' core single player is improving all the time - the progress I am seeing from the team right now here in Frankfurt is just staggering," the Crytek CEO added.

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