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Have an artist sketch your City of Heroes or Villains character!

NCsoft visits Comic Expo and i26.

Is your City of Heroes or Villains character totally awesome? Do you ever find yourself staring at the character-select-screen for hours thinking, 'damn, that guy looks pretty badass!'? Do you? If you do, you're probably the sort of person who wants to head to Brighton's Comic Expo, November 19th/20th, and let one of the artists NCsoft's taking down for the weekend sketch you an A4 portrait of them. Liam Sharp (Hulk, Spawn), Jock (Losers), Charles Adlard (Savage, X-Files) and Andrew Wildman (Transformers) will be on hand doing just that.

See, fresh (well, presumably not so fresh given the potential for crunch-time hygiene issues) from pumping out City of Villains t'other week, NCsoft is taking a few of its games on the road this month. At Comic Expo, they'll have City of Villains, City of Heroes, Guild Wars and Auto Assault for you to check out - as well as the artists, who'll be working direct from the screen to recreate your hero or villain, all for the price of a small donation to the comics charity project Draw the World Together - probably around a fiver.

Before then, they're stopping off at Multiplay's i26 LAN party this weekend, running from November 11th to 13th in fact, and Guild Wars developer ArenaNet will be virtually turning up too to take part in a European version of E3's "Own the Devs" event - clobbering people over the net. 500 unique demo keys will allow i26 attendees to explore Guild Wars for 48 hours during the weekend, with prizes going to anyone who can 'ascend' during that time.

All four games - City of Villains, City of Heroes, Guild Wars and Auto Assault - will be at both events, and there'll be lots of prizes and mini-tournaments going on throughout. You can check in with the i26 and Comic Expo websites for details on attending.

While we're on the subject, be sure to check back soon for our review of City of Villains.