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kill.switch goes gold

Colour us surprised.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's a bad day for fans of frankincense and myrrh, as another videogame - this time Namco's third-person tactical shooter kill.switch - has gone gold and been whisked off for duplication. It's due out on PS2 and Xbox later this month, and should make the perfect gift for baby Jesus. Assuming he's over 18 and likes killing things.

"kill.switch promises to raise the bar in the third-person action military genre," according to Namco's Matt Sentell. Which is a relief. It promises to be good, folks! We might as well go home and camp in front of the Christmas tree, eh? For all the good we'll be with games reviewing themselves all over the place like this. I ask you.

Developed by Namco itself, the RenderWare-driven kill.switch will try to channel your thirst for wanton destruction into a realistic military mould, with "unique" Offensive Cover System and Blindfire systems. Apparently the former allows you to duck behind virtually any available cover and pop up to take protected shots realistically, while the latter allows you to lay down suppressing fire without even looking.

kill.switch is due out by the end of October.

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