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WoW server issues continue

Blizzard pledges compensation.

As European World of Warcraft players grow increasingly frustrated with the lagging issues that continue to plague many servers, developer Blizzard has pledged to compensate players for their trouble.

"Two days' compensation will be offered to everyone, even those who remain unaffected by the problems," a Blizzard spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"In addition, everyone will receive level one and a half extra rest so they level up quicker."

Last Friday, Blizzard attempted to solve the problem by replacing a piece of equipment, but many players are still reporting difficulties. Engineers now suspect the latency issues may be related to Blizzard's third party ISP partners.

"Fixing the problem is our number one priority," the spokesperson said.

"We at Blizzard don't like seeing players unhappy and we really do want to fix this as soon as possible."

WoW fans have been posting increasingly angry messages on the official forums of late, and it remains to be seen whether Blizzard's compensation offer will be enough to appease players.

"Two days doesn't seem very good for six days (and counting) of problems," one poster wrote.