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EGTV: Dawn of War: DC video

Take a peek at the Necron race.

With each and every new media release Relic's Dark Crusade expansion for the impressive Dawn of War RTS grows in promise.

The latest video release for the Warhammer 40k-themed title, currently showing on Eurogamer TV, turns the spotlight once again on the Necron race, specifically the deadly Wraith unit.

Wraiths, according to lead designer Jonny Ebbert, are "the fastest unit in the game, and they have a devastating effect on infantry units. Wraiths also have the ability to 'phase out' of existence for short periods of time if the odds are stacked against them. This ability not only allows them to escape from sticky situations, but also allows them to soak up a lot of enemy fire while they're phased out."

These powerful abilities are all shown off in the trailer to good effect, which weighs in at a shade under two and a half minutes. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade hits PC this October, courtesy of THQ.

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