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CoH/V Issue 7 released

Old accounts can try it too.

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Summer. Time of sun. Fun. And fire. Bush fires, to be exact. And probably kidnappings and murders and poodlecides. Also, yesterday I kicked a stone and it hit a man by accident and I looked away before he could turn around and he started having a go at a small child. Through which rich visual tapestry I'm trying to weave the notion that we need superheroes. We need them more than ever. To sort all this summer rubbish out.

Good thing NCsoft's about then, and that today marks the release of Issue 7: Destiny Manifest for City of Heroes and City of Villains (or "CoX" as I'm being encouraged not to call the pair of them) - because along with it comes the opportunity to play the game again even if you've abandoned it.

That's because NCsoft is reactivating all dead accounts for five days, so you can try out Destiny Manifest and see whether the new high-level content, two new zones and Mayhem Missions help you rediscover the love. Just log in between now and 5am Sunday and you can see what the fuss is about.

As well as level 40-50 content for City of Villains - including 300 new missions and Grandville, a new Player-Versus-Environment zone - there's also a level 40-50 zone called Recluse's Victory, which is available to players of both the CoX games.

For more on Issue 7: Destiny Manifest, see here for our early impressions, including Kieron interviewing someone who calls him Electroliz. To summer up: it's quite good.

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