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Tamagotchi on DS?

Release the hounds.

Bandai is to bring Tamagotchi to the Nintendo DS according to a posting on its Japanese website. It'll be out in September according to this page.

Tamagotchis, which you may remember from playgrounds in the mid-90s (if you were young then that is; we're not suggesting that you stalked children ten years ago), were little egg-shaped LCD virtual pet things that I never managed to work properly. [A sentiment you've been able to express quite often in your life, that. -Ed]

Bandai will doubtless be hoping that a DS version - updated graphics might be an idea, chaps - will give it a new "leash of life" in the decade everybody's trying not to refer to as "the noughties".

Mind you, in light of the virtual pet phenomenon that is Nintendogs, Bandai's releasing Tamagotchi on the DS seems a bit like bolting the kennel door after the hounds have already mauled your bank manager and stolen all your savings.

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