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Auto Assault special ed details

Nice rim, bitch!

NCsoft Europe has released details of what you can expect to find in the Auto Assault Collector's Edition box should you decide to plump for it.

Auto Assault is a driving-based massively-multiplayer game. Both standard and collector boxes will ship this spring, and both will include a 14-day "friend's trial key" along with the game so you can give someone else a taste of it.

According to NCsoft, the Collector's Edition will include a DVD copy of the game, microphone headset for comms, a 96-page manual, a map that folds out to show the Central Wastelands, a soundtrack CD, an engraved metal keyring, mutant/human/biomek postcards, a bumper sticker, and an exclusive in-game 'Pet' (a mini RC car). Plenty there then.

Not content with that, anybody who buys one of the pre-order boxes due out on March 17th, which allow you access to the ongoing beta test as it approaches its final weeks (their words), will receive an exclusive in-game weapon, a four-day head-start on the real game, and a loot bonus. The price of the pre-order box is "fully redeemable" against either the Collector's or Standard editions, says NCsoft.

Which is plenty to be going on with if you like driving around shooting other people. Which, judging by the local newspaper in our local 24-hour shop, is popular with the kids these days. Ulp.