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Auto Assault official ringtone

Explosions for your phone.

Auto Assault is ever so nearly upon us - and I'm not talking about the bad kind prohibited on my antisocial behaviour order.

NCsoft and NetDevil's interesting-sounding vehicular MMOG is due for release simultaneously in Europe and the USA on April 13th and available to pre-order now - and in the spirit of getting you all excited about it, NCsoft's sent us an exclusive official ringtone for you to use on your mobile phone.

You can download it right now from Eurofiles. And what does it sound like? Explosions. That'll add humour to any social situation!

However, and we say this for a number of reasons not least of all the evil lawyer man standing next to me with a gun, you might not want to set the volume high and use it much on, I dunno, public transport. That might be a bad thing.

Not because it has any connotations or anything - more because loud ringtones are not what most travellers want to hear, and it's nice to be respectful of their needs.

Except when you all get home, obviously, at which point you can hop onto Auto Assault and shoot them in the face with an enormous cannon while laughing endlessly.

For more on Auto Assault, check out the official website, which also has a new mini-movie called "What is Auto Assault?" which probably contains subliminal messages encouraging you to buy it, so watch out.

We'll let you know if the game's any good when we get our wheels stuck into it next month.