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CM03/04 goes gold, demo released

BitTorrent link inside.

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Eidos and Sports Interactive have released a half-season playable demo of Championship Manager: Season 03/04 to celebrate the game going gold. SI has even been good enough to set up a BitTorrent stream for the file here, with plenty of folks seeding the game at the time of writing.

Apart from some fine-tuning, CM03/04 introduces four more leagues, a pre-game database editor, and of course team and competition data for the 2003/2004 football season - perfect if you actually want to witness that Monaco/Deportivo game that ended 8-3 last night. Watching the Gunner's dismal performance here at EG towers, we certainly did...

CM03/04 is due out on November 21st. Where the series goes from there is up to Eidos, with SI still to announce their next management title having split from the publisher.

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