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See next-gen Lara in action

With new TR 360 trailer.

A new trailer for Lara Croft's first Xbox 360 adventure, Tomb Raider Legend, is now available for download.

It's not long, mind, but at least we finally get to see next-gen Lara on the move. Expect lots of trap dodging, a bit of breast wobbling and a small dollop of Croftian sauciness.

Eidos confirmed that TR Legend would be coming to Xbox 360 at the X05 event earlier this week, assuring Lara fans that it's going to be a stunner.

We're promised lots of exploration, physics-based puzzles, fluid animations, highly detailed backgrounds and lots of exciting weapons to play with in a game that's most definitely "Grounded in the series' tomb raiding roots," according to Eidos. Hurrah!

Toby Gard, aka Lara's dad, is working with Crystal Dynamics on the game, which is also in development for PC, PS2 and Xbox.

"My original vision for Lara can nearly be realised with the muscle of the Xbox 360," he commented.

"The stunning graphics and scope of how Lara can move and interact with her surroundings will be astounding."

Tomb Raider Legend is out next spring on Xbox and Xbox 360, with the PC and PS2 releases to follow in the summer. Our local GAME says if we phone up to try and pre-order it one more time this week they're calling the police.