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Saints Row content soon

But not on the 15th - THQ

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has denied that it will use September 15th to release a host of new clothes and tattoos for Saints Row players to deck their characters out in, but says we can definitely expect some downloadable content soon.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a spokesperson for the publisher said, "we have extensive plans for downloadable content for Saints Row and will be announcing more information closer to the time the content will be made available."

The 15th claim came by way of the Rated-M blog, which lists a bunch of new clothing and tattoo types and backs this up with some photos, claiming that the lot will be made available through kiosks and over Marketplace in exchange for some points. THQ disputes the date claim, but didn't comment on the specifics of the content mooted.

If it happens, then you can expect the likes of a spiked leather jacket, a skull ring, crazy bunny slippers, an eye patch and samurai helmet, as well as biohazard and ankh tattoos among others. For more on Saints Row as it stands, check out our review.

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