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No pink and blue DS for UK

Not for the moment, at least.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Following reports that Nintendo is to launch Salmon Pink and Electric Blue versions of the DS in Australia this September, Nintendo UK has informed us that it is not intending to do the same thing over here.

"We have currently announced no plans to bring pink and blue DS colours to the UK," a representative told us.

But of course, just cos they haven't announced plans, doesn't mean they don't exist. One industry source said we can expect to see new DS colours arriving in Britain "before the end of the year."

The Electric Blue DS is already out in the States and there are loads of colours available in Japan - including black, pink, red, white, turquoise and a special limited edition purple PokéPark edition.

There's no word on which colours we'll see in the UK, or when exactly they'll turn up, but it could be some time around September 1 in an attempt to steal some of Sony's thunder when the PSP launches - or perhaps nearer December as Santa starts stuffing his sack. More news when we get it.

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