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Redundancies hit Sony US

80-100 staff laid off.

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Between 80 and 100 workers at Sony Computer Entertainment America have been made redundant as part of plans to restructure the business and reduce costs.

SCEA spokesperson David Karraker confirmed the lay-offs to Kotaku, stating, "In an effort to accurately align the company to meet the changing needs of our consumers and of our industry, Sony Computer Entertainment America has found it necessary to analyse our current business and to restructure the company as necessary to continue our standing as the market leader.

"These restructuring efforts are currently underway and do include the streamlining of our operations and other initiatives to further strengthen the business, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency."

Kotaku claims to have learned from a source who was one of those laid off that management attributed the move to Sony Corp's recent losses, plus the spiralling cost of developing games for PlayStation 3. The source is also said to have confirmed that employees received a "fair" severance package.

The news comes less than two months after around 160 members of staff were made redundant at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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