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Ubi Soft to publish Bloodmoon

Sounds expansive.

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Having published The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its subsequent expansion pack Tribunal, Ubi Soft has unsurprisingly confirmed that it will be handling Bethesda Softworks' second expansion, Bloodmoon, which should be available in Europe and Australia this month.

According to Ubi Soft's Florence Alibert, "Bloodmoon's new setting, storyline, and artwork make it feel like a whole new game unto itself," but then marketing people always say things like that. However the game does at least take you to a new area, the frozen Island of Solstheim where the empire's burgeoning mining colony is being threatened by the Bloodmoon prophecy and rumours of werewolves.

You can feast your eyes on a trio of Bloodmoon screenshots here.

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