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Argonaut developing for PSP and DS

Handheld titles in the pipeline for key Brit studio.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Britsoft developer Argonaut has updated its website to reveal that the company is working on software titles for both Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo's DS handheld platforms.

No details of the titles under development have been announced as yet - the site update literally just adds PSP and DS to the list of platforms for which software is being developed.

However, we expect to see more information about Argonaut's forthcoming product range in the coming months, as the only announced titles being worked on at the company's studios are PowerDrome and Catwoman (both of which are in the final stages of production), while a sequel to last Christmas' successful SWAT: GST is also expected.

That leaves a lot of Argonaut's development teams working on unannounced products. It's likely, then, that the company will have a raft of announcements to make in the coming months - perhaps including first details of its plans for the next-generation handheld platforms.

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