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Leet Krew back for CS: Source


Valve's clearly on some sort of mission to get old-days Counter-Strike devotees like YT to resume hostilities with one another, using its latest Steam news update to announce it's introducing prettified versions of the classic SAS and, more importantly, Leet Krew models to Counter-Strike: Source later this month.

Which will mean very little to you unless you are an old-days CS devotee, see. In much the same way our excitement about the reintroduction of the cs_militia map prompted emails along the lines of, "What the hell is that crackpot Bramwell on about this week?" except with illiteracy and threats against our mothers instead of proper spelling and affectionate "crackpot" jibes.

Pics of both models are part of the Steam update. You may notice that the SAS bloke on the left looks quite a lot like a Combine guard from Half-Life 2, but more interesting is the way the lighting of the bloke-on-the-right's visor makes it look like some sort of Arabian headdress.

I'll be there, shouting at children as usual.

As you can see though, Leet Krew looks about right, even if he is a bit bastard-offspring-of-Duke-Nukem-and-George-Michael-esque. And running with the gun instead of the knife - such a rookie mistake!

Anyway, those will form part of a Steam update this month. We'll let you know when.