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THQ signs The Incredibles

Another Pixar property.

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Following the massive success of its Finding Nemo adaptation, THQ has signed up another of Pixar's movie projects, The Incredibles. Although the publisher is remaining tight-lipped about platforms and so on, it seems reasonable, given its love of cinematically aligned multi-platform releases, to expect an appearance on PS2/Xbox/Cube/PC/GBA in time for the film's November 5th release date. In fact, a THQ rep did confirm the release target, but nowt else. UK-based Traveller's Tales handled development of the Finding Nemo title, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're handling The Incredibles.

The Incredibles, incidentally, represents something of a departure for Pixar and a real test of their animation skills. We may have been convinced by toys, bugs and even fish in recent years, but The Incredibles, which profiles a family of former superheroes forced into Witness Protection when the victims they rescued take them to court, will have to produce convincing humans. Even Square's laudable Final Fantasy movie The Spirits Within had trouble with that. To instil the same subtle and exquisite detail found its previous movies, and produce similar returns to most-successful-animated-picture-ever Finding Nemo, Brad Bird's team at Pixar will have to go even further.

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