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Kojima natters about MGS3

And he don't half go on.

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Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has spoken in the latest edition of Japanese gaming periodical Famitsu about Metal Gear Solid 3, vaguely commenting on some of the details outlined in the trailer released for this year's E3.

What has been gathered from the article is that the game will take place in the 1960s, with a jungle survival theme, as seen in the E3 video. In fact, about two thirds of the game is to take place in the jungle, and the rest will be set inside buildings. Kojima has said that this move will hopefully make MGS3 feel more like an espionage game, with players having to really work to evade enemies and find cover, using the forest to their advantage. The game is apparently taking a direction that will have foreign players "raise their hands with joy", indicating a more traditionally game mechanic-based approach compared to MGS2.

Kojima went on to give vague hints at the basis for the game's story and its protagonist, with mentions of the plot having a - sigh - "antiwar theme", a story that ties all three MGS games together, and that the player will be dealing with only one character this time round - one which resembles Snake but, as notable in the E3 trailer, with only one eye. He mentioned that he plans to make some use of the PS2's broadband adaptor for MGS3, and also said the Metal Gear Online should make an appearance sooner or later, despite his reservations of its value as a product. Nothing like a bit of confidence in your product to sell a game eh?

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