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Bizarre Creations' SEGA game trailed prior to E3 showcase

Wants to be Gotham for shooters.

SEGA's announced a few details about the game Bizarre Creations is developing for them - it's a third-person shooter called The Club which, SEGA reckons, will do for that genre what Bizarre did for the racing genre with Gotham. (Presumably metaphorically rather than, you know, adding donuts and Kudos points.)

They're clearly itching to talk about it - SEGA's creative director Matt Woodley says it's "the most exciting game" he's seen in ages, and reckons it'll be "huge", which is an unusually naked kind of hype, in our experience - but at this point they're not saying a whole lot, other than it'll be shown off behind closed doors at E3, and is due out next year on next-generation formats.

What we do know is that the titular club (the working-titular club, actually) is an illegal, underground entity that sets the rules for its combatants. It sounds a bit like Fight Club with guns, on a global scale - apparently you'll play in locations around the globe, partly trying to survive but always bound by the rules of the killing spree, as dictated by The Club.

Until we've seen it then, there's not much else to say. Other than that Martyn Chudley, MD of Bizarre Creations, had this to say: "Here at Bizarre Creations we feel The Club brings the pillars of classic SEGA gameplay bang up to date for the next generation of hardware, gaming and gamers."

More on The Club when we're, er, in it.