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This And That: Wednesday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Tribes and Tribes 2 available for free, Halo Custom Edition released, Leisure Suit Larry trailer, and Midas Interactive's E3 line-up.

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As promised last month, full versions of Tribes and Tribes 2 are now available for free, both for FilePlanet subscribers and folks who have registered for the basic, free account, thankfully. Tribes 1 weighs in at 135.7MB and can be had here, while the heftier 538.6MB Tribes 2 package can be found here. If you've never played Tribes, you really ought to give it a go, and Vivendi-Universal Games deserve a bit of credit for taking this bold step - even if it is just to drum up support for the forthcoming Tribes: Vengeance, which should be on display at E3 in LA next week.

Following the announcement of Halo Custom Edition (details here), you can now download the 170MB basic Custom Edition, which is multiplayer-only and will be required to play any custom content created using the Halo Editing Kit (HEK), by heading here. Expect a link to the actual HEK to pop up in the very near future.

Leisure Suit Larry fans (and there must be some) can get another glimpse of the forthcoming "Magna Cum Laude" title from High Voltage Software courtesy of a new one-minute trailer available here. This one apparently includes in-game footage of the bound-to-be-controversial love-'em-up, in which Larry Lovage sets out on an epic pursuit of love and... We can't even be bothered.

Midas Interactive has announced its E3 line-up this week, promising to showcase Project Minerva (a PS2 shoot-'em-up from Japanese developer D3, due out in Europe this October), GT-4 400 (a budget-priced racing sim from Kuju), Crescent Suzuki Racing: Superbikes (ditto, actually), and Football Generation, Dragon Ex and Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight. Midas will be in the Kentia Hall, Booth #6337, for anybody heading along.

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