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Smiling Gator down in mouth

Studio shut, MMO cancelled.

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Florida-based games developer Smiling Gator Productions has begun the New Year by ceasing all operations, having failed to secure additional funding to continue its MMO game development.

A statement from the company was posted on the official website for SGP's first project, where the dedicated community members are currently investigating possible options in an effort to rescue the highly anticipated title.

The statement read: "It's not a Happy New Year here at Smiling Gator Productions. Unfortunately, the end of 2005 is also the end of SGP. Our committed funds have run dry and we were not successful in the hunt for additional investment.

"The websites and email will be disabled in the coming days, so this is our last announcement before we shut down for good. Thanks again to our fantastic forums community for all the support and contributions."

Initially founded by former AOL Time Warner executives in 2003, the fledgling studio had been developing a hybrid MMO/FPS game titled Twighlight War: After the Fall. The project was one of the first to license Valve Software's acclaimed Source Engine and had gained a significant level of interest from gamers across the world.

It is unknown at this stage whether the Twighlight War project can be rescued, though it would appear Smiling Gator had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to secure funding and continue development, making any continuation of the title unlikely.

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