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Superman Returns from EA

X05: For X360 and, er, the others.

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And so the rush of releases timed to coincide with X05 begins. EA already got there first this morning with news of its launch line-up, and it's just announced that it's collaborating on a game based around the Superman Returns film called, ingeniously, Superman Returns: The Videogame.

It's due out on Xbox 360, naturally, but also current generation consoles (from which we'll infer PS2, Xbox and maybe GameCube), and is being timed to coincide (something of a theme today) with the film's release on June 30th 2006.

It's currently in development at EA's Tiburon studio in Orlando, Florida, and studio boss Steve Chiang had this to say: "We are creating a game that allows players to experience a real sense of flying, and master Superman's unrivaled super hero powers in order to save Metropolis. Only Superman can meet challenges of this scale."

Fab. Expect more product announcements and, hopefully, details of the Xbox 360's complete European launch line-up later today.

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