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Fuller Guitar Hero II songlist

23 on it now, inc. Spinal Tap.

Yet more of Guitar Hero II's track listing has been revealed in the October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, following last month's excellent revelation that we'll be rocking out to Freebird and Sweet Child O' Mine.

Quite a few of the listings we already knew about, but we hadn't heard about Nirvana's Heart-Shaped Box, Alice in Chains' Them Bones or The Rolling Stones' Can You Hear Me Knocking?, nor The Police's Message in a Bottle. The inclusion of Spinal Tap's Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight ought to raise a few eyebrows too.

The full list of tracks featured in EGM - confirmed to us by a RedOctane representative and including all the ones we already knew about - follows. Expect more tracks to be added to the list, expected to hit 40 licensed songs with around 15 from unsigned groups.

The full game's due out in the US and Europe this November, and will be available with the gigantic guitar peripheral or separately.

  • Alice in Chains - Them Bones
  • Allman Brothers Band - Jessica
  • Anthrax - Madhouse
  • Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot
  • Black Sabbath - War Pigs
  • Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?
  • Dick Dale - Misirlou
  • Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
  • Heart - Crazy On You
  • KISS - Strutter
  • Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
  • Lynyrd Skynrd - Freebird
  • Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil
  • Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box
  • The Police - Message in a Bottle
  • The Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys
  • Primus (original recording) - John the Fisherman
  • Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout
  • The Rolling Stones - Can You Hear Me Knocking?
  • Rushn - YYZ
  • Spinal Tap - Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
  • Van Halen - You Really Got Me