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More HL2 video fun

Gosh and blimey. Rejoice.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Valve is continuing to propel super hi-res E3 videos of Half-Life 2 at our faces with the release of the sixth flick, Bugbait. This 166MB video explores Gordon's ability to utilise some of the less intelligent creatures in the game to his advantage, by 'baiting' them with special pods that release pheromones when thrown. Once the pheromones are airborne, large scuttling creatures known as "antlions" scurry from burrows or holes in the walls or ceilings and attack everything in sight bar themselves and our hero. Unfortunately at the video's end, Gordon gets a bit carried away toying with his new pals and attracts perhaps more than he bargained for.

The video has of course been made available over Steam, and for those of you who have let it into your life and embraced the wonders of programs that download things without you knowing about it, then you'll already have it. Otherwise, get - download - ing.

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