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Saudi refuses to play Israeli

In the gaming World Cup.

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It's been revealed that the winner of last year's Electronic Sports World Cup withdrew from the 2006 event after he discovered he was due to compete against an Israeli gamer.

Speaking to the Arab News, 21 year-old Saudi Badr Hakeem said: "Unfortunately, the draw put me against an Israeli player and due to our stand against the Israeli aggression and occupation of Palestine, I raised my voice and said there was no way I was going to play against this guy.

"I know I am losing my title but I am standing for our cause. The title is not important to me. I believe I have made the right decision," he added.

Hakeem's decision was backed up by his team mates and trainers, and the rest of the team did go on to compete in the event.

"We all support Hakeem's decision, even though he will be losing his 2005 title," said team leader Yasser M. Bahjatt.

"We will be missing Hakeem but I think we have other young talented gamers who could bring the title home."

Unfortunately for Bahjatt, it was not to be - another gamer took the prize of $13,000 in the tournament, which ended on Saturday.

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