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No Ground Control III planned

New strategy title on way instead.

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Rumours of a third instalment of Ground Control have been flatly denied by series developer Massive Entertainment, who instead revealed some new info on its next game.

The new title promises to have a "heavy focus on action and tactics," with "very strong multiplayer support" as well as a fully-fledged single player campaign.

"While we love the Ground Control series and have truly enjoyed creating the world and characters that exist in the franchise, we would like to take strategy in a new direction," said a spokeman for Massive.

The studio is going to set about "exploring new settings and environments that we're confident will be just as interesting and exciting for our fans to explore."

Massive has yet to announce a title for the game, but it's being billed as the studio's biggest project to date with "a huge budget" and "fantastic support from the publisher" (not yet named, but likely to be Sierra/Vivendi). It's being built using the GC2 engine, which is being "developed and re-written in detail."

More information is expected in the next few months - we'll keep you posted.

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