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Rockstar dates revisited

The Warriors slips, but San Andreas PC/Xbox seems to be on track, while Midnight Club 3 is due next month (even on PSP) and GTA PSP is still getting there.

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"We made the big heap money!" Take-Two exclaimed today, announcing a 74 per cent increase in net income amongst other things in the wake of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas selling in excess of 12 million units worldwide.

As is traditional, the publisher also clarified various release dates in its financial statement, reasserting first of all that Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition will launch on PS2, Xbox and PSP in April, to be followed in the fiscal third quarter (May 1st to July 31st) by San Andreas on PC and Xbox. The latter may or may not be a slip - Rockstar has previously spoken of a 10th June European launch, which would fall within its fiscal third quarter - but the lack of specificity here is peculiar.

The Liberty City-based PSP version of Grand Theft Auto will also launch in fiscal Q3, Take-Two/Rockstar said, to be followed by PS2/Xbox title The Warriors in the fiscal fourth quarter (August 1st to October 31st), which is a slip.

Finally, we're told, "Rockstar also expects to publish a new console title from their internal studios in the fourth quarter." What that will be is anyone's guess. And we want Nintendo DS Lemmings please. No reason.

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