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EA to publish Breakdown


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Having thoroughly pissed me off earlier this week by opting to bundle Pac-Man Vs. with the mostly disappointing R: Racing, EA is making amends today by announcing plans to publish Namco's ridiculously good-looking Xbox-exclusive Breakdown in June.

Breakdown, as some of you know, is a first-person game taking the risk of including hand-to-hand combat alongside traditional weapons play, featuring a Doom-style berserk fisticuff rage, not to mention surreal dream sequences and a Wolverine-esque back-story that sees your US soldier Derrick Cole brought back from the brink of death as a result of "cyborg" experimentation. It could be this century's Flashback if we're lucky. And did we mention that it looks lovely?

We've yet to play it, but expect that to change at E3. We can however offer this hands-on opinion from a highly placed Namco source, who recently had a chance to play an internal demo: "Fastest motion sickness ever I think."

Bring it on!

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