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Artoon sets sights on next-gen RPG

Blinx 2 is only just on store shelves in Europe today, but Artoon isn't hanging about when it comes to what happens next.

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With Xbox exclusive Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space well and truly complete - and released across Europe today - Japanese developer Artoon is turning its attention to new projects, and one of those, it would seem, will be a next-generation role-playing game.

According to the developer's recruitment page, Artoon is after planners, designers and programming staff to work on a 3D role-playing game for next-generation consoles. The developer offers few specifics, but given its close relationship with Microsoft on the Blinx titles, it seems extremely likely that the game in question will wind up on Xbox 2.

As soon as we hear anything beyond that, we'll let you know, and for the record we'll have a review of Blinx 2 on the site sometime next week.

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