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No wireless Guitar Hero controller for Xbox 360?

None at all for the UK?

That wireless Guitar Hero controller sounds nice then, eh? Doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's starting to look like an Xbox 360 version of it is unlikely.

That's according to RedOctane's Bryan Lam, who told website eToychest that Microsoft's proprietary wireless controller technology is not available to third party manufacturers "at the moment".

In other words... Well, in fact, in Lam's words: "until they allow us to [use it], we aren't able to [do a wireless 360 controller]". Well, some of them were his words.

That means, obviously, that if what you want's a wireless Guitar Hero controller, you're going to need to buy one of the PlayStation 2 ones when it comes out in the US this month (at a cost of US$ 59.99).

As for whether we're getting them over here at all, the situation remains unclear, with a RedOctane spokesperson offering "no comment" when we asked about it.

Fortunately, Guitar Hero II itself is due out in the US on 7th November and over here on 24th November, so you can at least look forward to that - with our review coming in the near future.