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Joint Ops testers wanted

Fight for a place on the boat...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Developer/publisher NovaLogic is recruiting keen online gamers to get regularly frazzled in a closed pre-beta test for its multiplayer tactical shooter Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising.

Sign-ups for the test period in Europe will be hosted by Jolt, and you should be able to sign up at from 8pm GMT today. The page also notes the official system requirements for the test version, which will demand a 1.4GHz processor, a 128MB video card, 512MB RAM and DirectX 9 as a minimum.

According to Jolt, places will be limited initially and participants randomly drawn from those who sign up, and points out that there may be other opportunities to sign up at a later date.

The first test, which will begin in mid-November, will focus on a one-level, team-based multiplayer map playable over NovaWorld. A number of different tests are then planned to follow over the coming months, with the game scheduled for release in early 2004.

In the US, Joint Operations test sign-ups will be handled by GameSpot.

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