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WarHawk dev knew about tilt

For a while, says Sony man.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

WarHawk developer Incognito may only have "officially" known about the PS3 tilt controller for a couple of weeks before E3, but Sony Santa Monica game director Brian Upton now claims the companies had been plotting for ages.

"Actually, Incognito has secretly been working with Sony on the tilt technology for a while," he says in an interview with IGN, "but it wasn't until the last few weeks before E3 that they received a working controller."

Speaking to us at E3, Incog's Dylan Jobe said that the team only received the final controller the Sunday before Sony's Monday press conference.

"As for improvements since then," Upton continued, "right now we're integrating the aerobatics system so you can use it to perform cool stunts like loops and spins, as well as testing out other gameplay in our ground modes."

WarHawk is still the only confirmed supporter of the tilt sensor technology Sony unveiled at E3, although everyone from Pro Evolution Soccer producer Seabass to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has expressed interest in working with it since then.

Despite using the controller though, allowing players to manoeuvre a plane by twisting the controller through the air, WarHawk will also offer traditional control schemes for those who want them.

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