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Take-Two signs up Carve

Good news for Britsoft? Eh?

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Things are looking up for British developer Argonaut. Despite posting a rather worrying loss a few weeks ago, the developer has made good on its promise to get Xbox Live-based jetski racer Carve signed up to a publisher - with Take-Two stepping up this afternoon to confirm that they will be releasing it in Europe as well as North America, where they originally announced plans to release it.

Jetski racing may not be a perennial favourite amongst gamers but Argonaut's Carve aims to show us that it should be, with what are described as some impressive liquid physics and plenty of tricky ramp-based jumping. It also checks all the usual racing game boxes with aplomb. Racing characters, each with more 'tude than the last? Check. 27 tracks set in areas ranging from Thailand and Iceland to Amsterdam and the Grand Canyon? Check. Four way split-screen racing? Check.

The best bit though is sure to be the Xbox Live support, with eight-player contests, and apparently we can even look forward to a team-based co-operative mode in which players can group together to hinder other riders' progress and achieve a team victory.

Although it's not yet clear exactly when Carve will be released, Argonaut's most recent trading statement claimed that the game was already complete and just waiting for a publisher, so there's every chance it could be on store shelves within a matter of weeks.

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