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Eurogamer poker heat #2

Tonight at 8pm. US$ 500.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With last week's Eurogamer PKR Challenge 2006 heat still ringing in Rupert's electronic wallet, it's time for another evening of online poker.

As before, tonight's heat takes place at 8pm UK time and costs nowt to enter. To take part, all you have to do is download the PKR client and set yourself up.

With that done, the tournament should appear as Private Freeroll #EGC2, and the password to get inside is Goldenaxe. Registration for the tournament will be enabled two hours beforehand.

We'd also ask that if you want to take part you don't hand the password out to non-Eurogamer types. That way we can put names to the poker faces whose money we're taking.

As you know, the prize fund for each of the seven heats, of which this is the second, is US$ 500, with the winners and the three next-best-ranked players on an overall leaderboard going into a grand final on 14th December.

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