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Free DAOC expansion

Now available for download.

Mythic Entertainment has released a new expansion pack for PC MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot - and it's yours for no money at all.

The Trials of Atlantis pack is now available for download from the official website, free of charge. However, you must already have purchased the Shrouded Isles expansion to play.

And there's good news if you've previously cancelled your account - you can reactivate it and play the expansion with your original characters. And if you've never played DAOC at all you might like to take advantage of the free 14 day trial that's on offer at the moment, which gives you access to both the original game and Shrouded Isles.

Trials of Atlantis gives you the opportunity to discover the famed lost civilisation of the title. The Atlanteans have built a series of nine trials which will allow you to unlock mysterious new powers, all the while dealing with the perilous ocean and a load of scary monsters. The trials are designed to be tackled in groups.

You can travel around by boat, swim to submerged dungeons, and discover all manner of new quests and rewards. There are three new races, too, and high level players may be interested in the new Master Level system - you achieve a new Master Level with each trial you complete, earning new capabilities and skills.

Other DAOC expansion packs include Catacombs, New Frontiers and the recently released Darkness Rising - all of which you have to pay for, unfortunately.