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DAoC Catacombs released

Fifth expansion, free to all.

Dark Age of Camelot's fifth expansion pack has been released as afree download for all existing and former players of the MMO.

Catacombs, originally a paid-for update released in 2005, spices up the six year-old online adventure with new graphics, five new character classes, three underground cities, and instanced dungeons. You'll need the original game and the Shrouded Isle expansion installed to play, and handily these are both available as a single, 14-day trial from the DAoC website.

This release follows news that Dark Age of Camelot will get new "Camelot Campaigns" every two weeks for six months this year, instead of a normal content patch.

This free Catacombs update hopes to get everyone prepared for these campaigns and the upcoming Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion, which is released on Valentine's day.

No idea what we're on about? Dark Age of Camelot is an MMO released way back in 2002 by Warhammer Online developer, Mythic Entertainment. You choose to play in one of three realms - Albion (Britain), Midgard (Scandinavia) or Hibernia (Ireland) - and battle your rival factions through realm versus realm battles.

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