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New Lords of EverQuest demo


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Whoppers. More than just questionable meat. "Whoppers" is a word we could also use to describe Rapid Eye and Sony Online Entertainment's penchant for 400MB-plus demos. Who are they trying to appeal to with this?

ISO-size demo versions aside, this is the second "in a series of" Lords of EverQuest demos, this time focusing on Elddar Alliance (mythological game development rule #2344: take common word and sprinkle with excess consonants) side of this MMORPG-derived RTS.

According to the demo text file (which be short), this demo contains "some" tutorials "from the Shadow Realm of the first demo" and opens up the Elddar Alliance faction for use online. Download it from wherever, eh? 3D Gamers is alphabetically superior to many others, and FilePlanet is good for fans who like a side of typing with their mid-morning slouch.

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