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Superfly PSP case on way

Yours for only $35k.

Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons has announced plans to bring some extra bling to the PSP with the launch of a spanky new case which could be yours for only $35,000.

That's according to US website Allhiphop, billed as "the world's most dangerous site." (Eurogamer is approximately the world's 347th most dangerous site, in case you were wondering.)

The Baby Phat case has been designed by Simmons' wife, Kimora Lee, and as you may recall a prototype was on show for the US PSP launch back in March.

It's made out of a whole pound of gold - that's nearly half a kilo, metric fans - and is adorned with alligator skin and yellow and black diamonds.

"Kimora and I are invested in jewellery with M. Fabrikant & Sons, the number one jeweller in America. We have made lots of interesting fun stuff," Russ told Allhiphop.

But, as every billionaire hip hop mogul knows, it's all about giving something back: "Much of the profits will go back to Africa," he said.

"I'm pushing for factories and schools in Africa so people can make their own jewellery and learn how to export them."

All the diamonds sold by the Simmons Jewellery Company are inspected to ensure they are "conflict free", according to Simmons. In addition, a portion of his profits will go to communities affected by the diamond trade.

The Baby Phat PSP case will be out by Christmas.