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Xploder cheats for SOCOM online

Oh well, it was bound to happen.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fire International, whose output includes the Blaze product range, has developed and is now distributing cheats to make things easier for SOCOM players. The cheats, which let players take advantage of unlimited ammunition and grenades, eliminate recoil, enable rapid fire and swipe ammo from terrorists, are being heralded as "a breakthrough" by Fire.

"With the competition shying away from providing online cheats, Xploder is the one and only option for gamers who wish crack ALL their games wide open," the press release boasts. "The Xploder total cheating system once again blazes a trail and leaves the competition in its wake!"

However, although Fire claims to be cracking online games, it's not clear if these cheats actually apply when the game is played online. Two of them appear to be single player cheats.

Needless to say, if it is now possible to crack SOCOM and cheat online, those players currently propelling it to the top of the UK All Formats Top 40 may soon be picking up Xploder cheat devices, which are as common as - and cheaper than - Datel's competing Action Replay, in order to pop a cap in yo ass without fear of retaliation. And that's got to be bad news for PS2 Online as a whole.

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