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New Oblivion content: Razor

Coming soon.

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Good news for those of you who've exhausted your horses, Orreries, Wizard's Towers, Thieves' Dens and, you know, the rest of Oblivion: Bethesda's announced the next round of downloadable content for its gigantic Xbox 360 and PC RPG.

Called Mehrunes' Razor, it's a $2.99 quest to overcome a gigantic dungeon in the lost Ayleid city Varsa Baalim, where a rogue Telvanni arch-mage (I'm sure this makes sense to somebody) is after the Daedric artefact, Mehrunes Razor, which he wants to use to topple the Empire. With one-hit kills, which is what you get from the titular Razor - unlike other Razors we've encountered, which crash all the time and have rubbish text message interfaces.

Anyway, Mehrunes Razor isn't out yet, but is listed as "coming soon" on, which undoubtedly means it's also on its way to Xbox 360's Marketplace. We'll let you know when it materialises, and in the meantime check that site for more background and screenshots of the game in action.

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